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Ranking the Best Free Cartoon Avatar Makers Online

If you are looking for the best free cartoon avatar makers to express your unique identity, you came to the right place. There are countless options at your fingertips, but I've sorted the best from the rest.

With these tools, you can unlock the fun of customizing a digital version of yourself without spending a dime. Let your imagination run wild by transforming your photos into charming cartoon forms or cool superhero avatars.

Let's dive into the curated lineup right away.

1. Zmoji

Zmoji Zmoji is your go-to avatar emoji maker when you want to inject a bit of personality into your digital interactions. Available on a range of iOS and Android devices, this app lets you craft and personalize your own emojis and GIFs, giving your chats a unique and fun twist.

Key Features include the ability to design your mini-me with an array of customization options. Cartoon yourself and create expressive emoji faces that capture your emotions. It is also possible to generate stickers for use in messaging apps. You can tailor every aspect of your avatar, from hairstyle to outfits.


  • High user rating (4.6 out of 5) based on 133.7K ratings, indicating a positive reception.
  • Specializes in cartoon avatar styles for fans of the genre.
  • Offers a free version.


  • Premium subscription required for full feature access.
  • Age rating of 12+ due to some mature themes.

Developed by Mobile Flame Ltd., Zmoji not only makes your chat more exciting but also respects your privacy, with clear policies on data handling available on their website. Whether you're a fan of anime avatars or just looking for a fun way to express yourself, Zmoji provides a free tier that's packed with features to get you started.

2. Avatoon

Avatoon is another versatile cartoon avatar maker that leverages facial recognition technology to create personalized avatars. Other things that sets Avatoon apart include extensive customization, editing tools and social media integration.


  • Facial recognition for quick and accurate avatar creation.
  • A vast array of customization options to let your style shine.
  • Ability to create and personalize stickers for messaging apps.


  • Avatoon Premium required for access to many advanced features.
  • Free usage is supported by advertising.

Avatoon not only offers a free avatar maker but also includes AI art generators for those looking to expand their creative toolkit.

3. Bitmoji

Bitmoji has been mentioned previously on this site. It is known for its integration with Snapchat and offers a dynamic way to create personalized avatars with a variety of customization options.

There are regular updates to the functionality (3D avatars were launched only recently) and you get access limited-time and exclusive items through the Snapchat app. Speaking of Snapchat, you can easily link your Bitmoji to Snapchat by following simple instructions.


  • Discover new items by regularly checking the Snapchat app.
  • The Bitmoji app provides extensive customization, allowing you to create an avatar that really resembles you.
  • The 3D avatars feature offers a more lifelike representation with improved textures and proportions.
  • New fashion items are regularly made available on Snapchat.


  • Bitstrips and Classic avatar styles are no longer supported.
  • Certain customization options are available only for a limited time.
  • Some features are exclusive to the Snapchat app, which may not be ideal for users who prefer to use Bitmoji independently.

Bitmoji's move into 3D avatars has brought over 190 new hairstyles, hair dye options, and a variety of accessories to choose from. If you have Classic or Bitstrips styles, you'll be updated to access these new features, but be aware that the older styles cannot be restored.

4. MojiPop

MojiPopis a mobile app designed to bring your chats to life with personalized, animated stickers crafted through facial recognition technology.


  • Thousands of free animated stickers to choose from.
  • An average rating of 4.7 out of 5, reflecting user satisfaction.
  • Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, macOS with Apple M1 chip, visionOS, and Android devices.


  • Access to premium stickers requires a MojiPop VIP subscription.

MojiPop stands out with its Mobile Performance Score (MPS) of 82, indicating a strong balance of acquisition, engagement, monetization, and user sentiment. With over 12,000 downloads and a family-friendly PEGI-3 rating, it's a safe choice for users of almost all ages.

5. Anime Avatar Maker

Anime Avatar Maker offers a playful and immersive experience for those who enjoy the anime style and are looking to create a personalized avatar. With its free-to-use platform, you can dive into a world of extensive customization to craft your unique anime character.

Hundreds of customization options are available including hairstyles, clothes, makeup, and poses. You can save your created characters as images, which can then be used as avatars on various platforms.


  • Free to use, offering a wide range of customization without any hidden costs.
  • Mostly positive user reviews, indicating a satisfying experience for most.
  • Rated 4+, making it suitable for a wide age range of users.


  • Some users report frequent ads that can interrupt the avatar creation process.

Anime Avatar Maker stands out for its user-friendly interface and a high level of avatar customization. Whether you're looking to create a character for social media, gaming, or just for fun, this app provides the tools you need. To top it off, there are export options for using the avatar in other applications.

7. Styledoll

Styledoll lets you dive into the world of 3D cartoon avatar creation with a variety of customization options that bring your virtual self to life. This platform is not just about creating a representation of yourself; it's about styling an avatar that captures your essence and fashion sense.

Although it's a cartoonish overall style, Styledoll comes with realistic options for skin tones, eye colors, and hair styles to make your avatar truly resemble you.


  • Over 2,000 dress-up items including trendy costumes, backgrounds, and dialogue bubbles.
  • Save your avatar and revisit your stylish creations at any time.
  • Participate in global fashionista runway shows, pitting your avatar's style against others.


  • Contains in-app purchases for ad removal, set packs, and top packs.
  • While the app can be used for free, there is advertising to content with.

Whether you're saving your beautifully coordinated character for your own enjoyment or sharing it with friends to inspire their own creations, Styledoll offers a fun and free tier for getting started.

8. SuperMe

SuperMe is a fun app that enables you to create your own cartoon avatars using lots of customization options. These include a variety of accessories, backgrounds, custom text, and more. There is also a 'shake phone' feature for generating random cartoon images.


  • Free to download with a wide range of free tier features.
  • Allows saving avatars directly to your Android gallery for easy access.
  • Social network compatibility for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.
  • Suitable for users of all ages with a content rating of +3.


  • In-app purchases are necessary for some features.
  • Requires access to location, identifiers, and usage data, raising potential privacy concerns.

Whether you're looking to update your social media profiles or just want to have some fun creating a digital representation of yourself, SuperMii offers a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

Good luck!

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