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Virtual World Avatars

"Virtual world avatars" describes 3d avatars, often animated, customized by users and used in various online virtual worlds, like Second Life.

A virtual world is an representation, or simulation, of life in an online environment. These worlds let users experience places they might not be able to visit in real life (i.e. the Eiffel Tower) or to use their imaginations to create completely unique virtual environments.

An avatar is a visual representation of your virtual persona.

Combine avatars and virtual worlds and you have the makings of a virtual reality environment where you can chat, socialize, and interact with friends and family, or make new friends.

Popular Virtual Worlds

Second Life is a massive virtual world created by users. Users create avatars and interact with friends and strangers in unique, user-created environments. Second Life is free to play and has premium services available.

WeeWorld is "a teen social game and virtual world" that lets teens customize avatars with clothing and items, give item to friends, or add to their online rooms.

Meez is a service that lets users "build and animate" their own virtual 3d avatar to be used "to represent yourself everywhere you go on the Internet". The basic service is free, but premium items are available at a price.

IMVU describes itself as "a social network and 3D virtual world where millions of people meet, chat and have fun in animated 3D scenes." One of the larger virtual worlds, IMVU allows users to create avatars and customize them with clothes and accessories and hang out in themed virtual worlds.

RocketOn allows you to transform any website into a virtual world where you and your friends' avatars can socialize.

Moove Online is a virtual world featuring 3d chat rooms where you can interact with others in a variety of custom environments.

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