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How to Make an Avatar

Looking for the perfect avatar for your online persona? Have no fear, there are many ways to make an avatar! We'll discuss three options.

Your first option is to make your own avatar. Download a photo or image and open it in your favorite image editor. Use the crop tool to select an area of the image that is of interest to you-- usually a face, figure, or object. It's important to select an area of focus and crop it closely so details are visible even at smaller sizes.

Most forums and communities have size requirements for avatars, so be sure to crop your avatar to the required size. Standard avatar sizes range from 50x50 avatars, to 65x65 avatars, to 85x85 avatars, to 100x100 avatars, all the way up to 150x150 avatars.

There are some pitfalls you should be aware of when downloading images from the internet for use in avatars. Most images and photos are copyright the person who created the original, and even though you are only using part of the image, you may still be infringing copyright. See the final option in this article for a safe way to use other people's artwork in avatars.

Your second option to make a avatar is to use an online service, like Meez, Zwinky, or IMVU. These companies allow you to make customized avatars. The avatars from these services follow specific styles and are usually cartoony, and the amount of customizations you can make to your avatar vary. You can choose from dozens of options to make a totally customized avatar - skin color, hair style, facial type, and many accessories.

Many of these services require you to sign up or pay a fee to use the avatar outside their own product.

The final option is to download pre-made avatars from an avatar website. These websites make avatars from photos of celebrities, movies, and various artwork found online available in standard sizes. There are copyright issues with this method as well.

Some sites allow users to make an avatar and upload it themselves. AllAvatars.com offers authorized avatars created by artists themselves and used with permission. You never have to worry about copyright issues when using AllAvatars.

So there you have it, make your own avatar from scratch, customize one from an avatar service, or download a premade one.

Here are some sample avatars for inspiration:

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