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Linda Bergkvist

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About ALL Avatars.

"Authorized avatars with amazing character." What exactly does that mean?

Most internet users do not realize that the beautiful artwork they see online is copyrighted material, owned by the artists who created them. Unfortunately, it is common practice for these individuals to take the artwork and modify it according to their needs to create personal avatars and signatures, without ever crediting the original artist. All Avatars.com was created to give artists a way to control the quality and appearance of avatars created from their artwork, and to give them the credit they deserve. Every avatar posted on All Avatars.com is posted with the artist's permission.

Epilogue.netAll Avatars.com was inspired by the artists at Epilogue.net, who desired a way re-gain quality control over the use of their artwork as avatars and icons. Their amazing works of art have inspired tens of thousands of art lovers around the world. Visit Epilogue.net to see full-size versions of the fantasy, sci-fi, horror and anime artwork seen on All Avatars.com!

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